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Essay on My Mother for kids and students

My Mother is the most important person in my life. She is a pious lady and takes care of everyone including me. She is a kind hearted woman and makes our house, the best place to stay in this world. She wakes up early in the morning and completes all her household work. She is very particular about time and follows her routine. She is also very health conscious and takes food at a proper time.

She cooks delicious food and I love all food cooked by my mother. She helps me to get ready to the school every morning. She helps me to do my home works but she also teaches me to do self-learning. The stories of my mother are the best and she teaches me something very special through every story. Her lovely stories talk about staying in discipline, being well behaved, never to lie and many others.

She is my first and favourite teacher. She never leaves me alone and at the same time teaches to me be brave. If I am sick, she stays right beside me. With my mother around, I feel, I am happy, safe and also free. I share her everything and she encourages me to do what I like. She is a beautiful singer and I insist her to sing as well. As it is said, there is the only thing in this world that can never be replaced, and my Mother is irreplaceable.

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