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Essay on My Favorite Sports Game – Cricket

Cricket is amongst the most popular games in the country and it is loved by everyone. My favorite sports game is cricket and I enjoy watching every match being played. The people of this country have grown up watching cricket and everybody ones in their lifetime have played gully cricket. Cricket is a National game and it is played between two teams of eleven members each.

History of Cricket

The Sports Game – Cricket was started in the 16th century and it was originated in the South-East England. It became the National sport of England in the 18th century and it was recognized globally in the 19th and the 20th century. The International matches were being played since 1877. It is also the second most famous game after football. The cricket is governed by the International Cricket Council. Though many thought that the game was founded in France. The game was earlier meant only for the kids and the children used to play that game. Cricket was earlier known as Creckett. It was later called as Cricket. The sport took a high in the 18th century and became very famous. Cricket in India became famous and people started playing it when the British invaded the country. The Indians learned the game and today they are the world champions in this sport.

Different formats of Cricket

There are various forms of cricket like Test Matches, National League Systems, Limited over cricket, One Day International, Twenty-20 Cricket.

Cricket and India

Cricket is like a religion in India and the great player Sachin Tendulkar is considered as God by many and people have literally prayed to his image. People have fought and cried for the game and during the game. Indians are very passionate about cricket and especially if there is a match going between India and Pakistan. The entire country comes to a halt when the game is between the neighboring countries. Cricket is my most favorite game and it is also played in the schools as one of the sports game. It is also one such game that unites the country and brings the country and its people together.

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