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Essay on My City Ludhiana For Kids & Students

My City Ludhiana is a city in Punjab and it is a very beautiful city. It is also the largest city in the North of Delhi. The city is also very close to Chandigarh and it is also close to Delhi and Amritsar. The people of Ludhiana speaks in Punjabi and it is named after Sikander Lodi. The city has old city and new city and the people call it that way. The Land of this place was also inclined towards the North and the West as well because of the river Satluj ran and this happened before the year 1785. The land of Ludhiana is yellow sandstone and granites that forms small hillocks, plateaus, and the dips. The new city has a lot of Gulmohar trees and jacarandas as the British planted a lot of them.

The native language of Ludhiana is Punjabi. The city is now very famous for its cafes, bakery, malls, and traditional Punjabi clothes. It is also the largest bicycle manufacturing hub in Asia.  They follow all the culture and traditions and they celebrate Lohri with great joy and excitement. The people of Ludhiana are very welcoming and loving and are rich in their culture. The city also has the worst air pollution in the country and it is the 13th most polluted city in the world and it is mainly because of a lot of industries.

The city also has a lot of institutes and schools and people from the neighboring states also come and study in this city. It has the largest Agricultural University in Asia and one of the largest in the world. There are also a lot of medical and engineering colleges in the city. Communicating to and from Ludhiana is very simple as there are trains available and also the airport, which makes it easier. The city also has a lot of tourist attraction places.

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