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Essay on My Brother for Kids and Students

My elder brother is my Hero. He is an excellent student in his school and stands first every year. On the other hand, he is a champion when it comes to football. He always listens to my parents and never disobeys them. My brother is very punctual about time.

He never gets to school and neither, he lets me get late. My mother often says, he is an all rounder, who can do everything. Apart from completing his home works, he is very keen to learn new things about the world, history, geography, and others. He often reads about the universe.

He teaches me to share everything whether it is food or knowledge. I enjoy my time with him. He plays with me and we enjoy our time while playing hide and seek. We also enjoy our favourite cartoon together, Tom and Jerry. He is not only my brother but also my best friend. He does not only help me in my studies but also shares his toys with me.

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