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Essay on Manas National Park

Situated in the foothills of the mighty Himalayan range Manas National Park is the most exquisite and pristine wildlife sanctuary in India. In Fact, it is safe to compare it with any other National Parks all around the globe and nothing could ever beat the beauty of Manas National Park for its divine and heavenly view. It is located within the Valley formed by the Brahmaputra valley which has semi-evergreen trees. This valley is home to India’s richest flora and fauna with many rare and endangered species. This is what makes it a Biosphere, Tiger, and Asiatic Elephant reserve. Many other endangered species which are being reserved here are Assam roofed turtle, Golden Langur, Pygmy Hog, Hispid Hare and many others.

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History of Manas National Park

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Flora and fauna

The National Park is divided into two biomes: Grassland and Forest. The grasslands are covered with semi-evergreen trees and other with herbs, shrubs, and swampy trees. It has 55 mammals, 50 reptiles and many species of avian fauna as well.

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