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Essay on Lord Krishna

Birth of Lord Krishna

This incarnation of Lord Vishnu was born in Dwapar Yuga. Along with being the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he was also the eighth son of Janki and Vasudeva, the King of Mathura. The brother of Janki, Kansa imprisoned them as we were cursed by a celestial voice that the eighth son of Janki and Vasudeva will bring his death.

Just as Lord Krishna was born, all the Gods appeared in the cell and guided Vasudeva to Mathura via the Yamuna river where he was asked to leave his child to The King Nand baba.

Vasudeva gave Nand his son- Lord Krishna and brought back with him their daughter Maya.

He was very notorious but his innocence came with a gist of his superpowers.

Krishna and his beloved Radha

The Killing if Kansa

The battle of Kurukshetra

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