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ConocoPhillips Company Net Worth, History, CEO, Headquarter, Origin Country & More

If you fill up your car or vehicle’s tank every now and then, and you live in the United States, then you may already be aware of ConocoPhillips company. Well, when it comes to the biggest names in hydrocarbon exploration, this company’s name can easily be found in the top ones. But did you know that ConocoPhillips’ rich history actually dates back to 1875? Yeah, that’s a 100% true and clear fact, but you might not know that up until now, right? If that’s the case, then simply keep on reading to find out more about how ConocoPhillips started, who’s currently in charge of the company, what’s their net worth and all that stuff. Here we go.

ConocoPhillips Origin Country United States
Established Year 2002 (as ConocoPhillips)
Headquarters Houston, Texas, USA
ConocoPhillips CEO Ryan Lance​
ConocoPhillips Founders Frank Phillips (Founder of Phillips Petroleum, one of the predecessors)​
ConocoPhillips Net Worth $136.07 billion (As of November 2023)
Industry Oil and Gas

The ConocoPhillips Story

You see, ConocoPhillips wasn’t always the giant it is today in the energy world. This American multinational energy corporation actually started way back in 1875. And yeah, you are right, it was originally called the “Continental Oil and Transportation Company.” Imagine that! Back then, in Ogden, Utah, they were all about distributing coal, oil, kerosene, grease, and even candles in the West. But that’s just the start of their story. Now, things got really interesting in 1885. That’s when they became part of Standard Oil. But, then came the year 1913, after the Supreme Court of the United States decided to break up Standard Oil, ConocoPhillips was back on its own. Fast forward to 1929, and Conoco was no longer just a simple distributor. Nope, they had transformed into a fully integrated oil company. And then came a big twist, we are talking about a merger with the Marland Oil Company. This wasn’t just any merger; it changed everything from their logo to moving their headquarters to Ponca City, Oklahoma. But they didn’t settle there for long. By 1949, they were packing their bags for Houston, Texas.

More About ConocoPhillips

Can you believe it, back in 2002, something big happened in the oil and gas scene of the United States. That’s when Conoco Inc. and Phillips Petroleum Company came together, creating ConocoPhillips. This wasn’t just any merger, it actually formed one of the giants in the global oil and gas scene. Now, this company is everywhere, working in loads of countries like the USA, Norway, Canada, Australia, and more. And yeah, you might’ve heard about the environment talks, right? Well, ConocoPhillips was on that list too. The Guardian said they were the 14th most polluting company in the world in 2019. Yeah, they were responsible for 0.91% of the global industrial greenhouse gas emissions from the year 1988 to 2015. But yeah, ConocoPhillips isn’t just big in oil; they’re also big in bucks. In 2021, they made $45.83 billion, and that’s not it though. And you won’t believe this, but as of November 2023, their estimated net worth is an insane $136.07 billion.

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