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How to Apply EWS Income Certificate for School Admission in Delhi

As we know, Delhi schools have started the application process for ews classes in Delhi school.  so, parents need to submit all the necessary documents for the application process. In this article, we will show you how to get income certificate by applying online.

List of documents needed for EWS admission

When it comes to getting ews admission for your kids under ews category, you need to submit income certificate to apply registration. It is a prominent document among all. Parents can use both online and offline mode to apply. Before applying, it is prominent to be sure that you have posses all necessary documents with you. Here is the list of documents that you need to carry while applying online.

Identity Proof

Residential Proof

Income Proof

Make sure that all these documents are ready before applying for the income certificate. These documents are just for the verification purpose.

How to apply Income Certificate for EWS Admission online?

Follow the below steps

How to apply offline

The official website lets you track your application status anytime.

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