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6 Unique Facts About The Gold American Eagle Coin

The gold eagle is the formal bullion coin of the United States. As the official coin, it is not surprising that investors are interested in the precious metal. Likewise, these coins are the number-one selling bullion in the country.

The coin is sought-after for its four denominations. Investors looking to establish a balanced portfolio are also likely to consider gold eagle bullions, as they are IRA-approved. Gold eagle bullions are also available in 99.9% silver and 0.9995% fine platinum for investors looking for variety.

As you develop your portfolio, your goals may change. However, the importance of gathering precious metals other than gold will likely remain unchanged. Here are six unique facts about the gold American eagle coin so that you can consider adding the American gold eagle 1 oz and protect your investments from value depreciation.

1.  The U.S. Government Backs It

The U.S. government backs the specifications of the gold eagle bullion with a guarantee for consistency and accuracy of content, purity, weight, and quality. With this guarantee, you can invest without concerns, whether you choose the American gold eagle 1 oz or another denomination.

2. American Gold Eagle 1 OZ Holds Up Over Time

If you are an investor or collector who truly cherishes your precious metal coins, the American gold eagle bullion is a wise choice for its durability. Regardless of the type, such as the popular American gold eagle 1 oz, the American gold eagle bullion comprises 22 Karat gold and 10% copper and silver alloy, making them more scratch-resistant than others.

3. The Coin Is Legal Currency

Rather than investing in coins to benefit from appreciated value resales, investors looking to make money from the coins they invest in may also wish to invest in American gold eagle coins because they are already legal currency. Coins possess a face value, and even if the price for gold falls to a dollar an ounce, the gold eagle bullion coins maintain their minted value.

4. The Gold Is U.S. Sourced

It is a legal requirement that the gold on the American gold eagle bullion is sourced solely from the U.S. There are no exceptions; therefore, coin investors get a 100% American-derived product, whether they order the American gold eagle 1 oz or another variation.

5. Created With Collectors In Mind

Bullion coins are made with the collector in mind. The U.S. Mint prioritizes the aesthetic of these coins to intrigue investors looking for coins in pristine condition. Polished surfaces and detailed markings on the coin are appealing to collectors.

6. Similar Design To Others

Like Double Eagle gold coins, the gold eagle coin contains Lady Liberty and an eagle. The current value and minted date are listed for the American gold eagle 1 oz and the other variations.

Add Authentic Coins to Your Profile

Adding the gold American eagle coin to your collection offers investor value, a government-backed guarantee, and beloved designs. Add to your portfolio by purchasing the American gold eagle 1 oz bullion coin.

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